Christine Cornejo

Brand Solutions

With solid 12 years of professional experience in marketing and brand management for a wide range of international clients in Manila, Singapore and US/Canada, Chrissy is not only meticulous in planning and management, but also champions excellence in communication. Her mission is to engage her clients and communicate their brand messages in ways that charm, delight, interest, intrigue, entertain, and provoke the audience.

With a steady focus on strategy and flair for eye-catching visuals, Chrissy explores each project from different angles to extract a unique story. You can count on her to deliver fresh designs and new ways of seeing.


Anthony San Juan

Technology Solutions

The only thing missing in Anthony’s slick ensemble is a top hat and magic wand; he’s a man who makes things happen— whether it’s finding a new technology solution, or pulling disparate bits of information on the fly. A sharp eye on technology trends ensures that he knows exactly what clients want, allowing us to deliver services to a rousing applause.

With a strong background serving MNC clients from Southeast Asia and North America, Anthony’s solid experience has honed his leadership qualities and problem solving skills. As the success rate of our projects grows, you can count on him to make every project a success story.